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Meet Liz!

Meet Liz!

An Experienced Leader Who Will
Work for the People of Pinellas​

Liz knows that governments exist to solve problems, not create them. Liz is a proud Florida native who has spent the past 20 years applying no-nonsense solutions to real problems people face. Now she’s ready to cut through the noise and dysfunction in Washington and make government work for all Americans.

Liz is an experienced businesswoman, former diplomat, and Congressional aide who knows firsthand the values that have always made America great. Liz learned how to get things done by working for public servants and diplomats, including former Senator Tom Daschle and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Most recently, Liz was a Partner at Brunswick Group where she advised organizations on their sustainability strategies and developed campaigns to build deeper engagement and trust.

Liz spent nearly a decade at Albright Stonebridge Group, the premier global strategic advisory and commercial diplomacy firm, where she helped multinationals resolve market access issues in over 40 countries across the globe. She has worked on Capitol Hill in the Democratic Leader’s office, directed the Homeland Security program at the Council on Foreign Relations, and supported social protection programs in Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank. Liz has an MBA from Wharton and speaks Spanish fluently.

Whether it was helping Fortune 500 companies grow or providing strategic counsel to leaders in government, business and nonprofits, Liz believes that rights come with responsibilities. She believes that Americans don’t abandon our allies. She believes that businesses should be able to create wealth, but not at the expense of hardworking people. And she believes that talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

The extremist politicians and Washington insiders who care more about their social media profiles than doing their jobs want to keep Americans distracted while they get rich with scare tactics. Liz is a fierce patriot who will fight for the hundreds of thousands of hardworking people in Pinellas County who want to raise healthy families, have secure jobs, and leave their world better than they found it.

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