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Businesswoman. Diplomat. Floridian.

Businesswoman. Diplomat. Floridian.

Bringing Sanity Back

Liz is a proud Florida native and seasoned leader who has spent the past 20 years applying no-nonsense solutions to real problems people face. She is a fierce patriot who will fight for the hundreds of thousands of hardworking people in Pinellas County who want to raise healthy families, have secure jobs, and leave their world better than they found it. As a businesswoman and diplomat, Liz understands firsthand the values that have always made America great. Now she’s ready to cut through the noise and dysfunction in Washington and make government work for all Americans.

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Focusing on What Matters to You

Housing costs in Pinellas County have gotten out of control and too many people don’t have access to affordable housing. Especially working families. At the same time, insurance premiums have gone up by more than 40%. Addressing affordable housing will be one of Liz’s top priorities. She will work on federal and local levels to increase funding for housing programs and introduce legislation that provides funding for home retrofits to withstand natural disasters.

Women’s rights are increasingly under threat. Liz is a life-long champion for women and girls and will fight for a woman’s right to make decisions about their own bodies and reproductive health care. Liz also believes families need more help than ever and will work to advance family-focused policies – such as guaranteed paid family leave, earned sick time, and accessible and affordable childcare – so that women can continue to succeed in the workplace. Liz will also work hard to prevent and root out human trafficking in our state.

Liz believes that seniors’ right to Social Security and Medicare is sacred. You worked for it, you deserve it. Liz will work to ensure full funding for Social Security and Medicare, supporting seniors who have spent their lives contributing to and earning their benefits. No senior in America should have to choose between their medication and their mortgage. Liz also believes that every American has a right to quality, affordable healthcare. As an “auntie” to many, Liz knows that every parent goes to bed each night hoping their kid wakes up healthy and can live a better life than they had. Liz supports initiatives to expand Medicaid for the most vulnerable in Florida.

You can often find Liz kayaking around Caladesi Island or birding in Fort De Soto Park. She is passionate about protecting Florida’s natural environment and recognizes that our vulnerability to rising sea levels, hurricanes, and coastal erosion requires bold legislative measures aimed at reducing carbon emissions, investing in renewable energy, and enhancing our natural defenses against climate-related disasters. Liz also sees how the natural beauty of our county is attracting more new residents every day. Liz will work to bring funding back to Pinellas county so that our municipalities have the resources they need to develop efficiently, enhance the quality of life, and protect natural resources to mitigate the adverse impacts of population growth.

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